Boulevard de la Croisette, Cannes
Atmosphere during the Cannes Film Festival
Mai 25, 2017 - ©Photopqr/Nice Matin/Frantz Bouton/maxppp

Fashion for Relief's Party
during the Cannes Film Festival
Mai 21, 2017 - ©Photopqr/Nice Matin/maxppp

69th Film Festival. Atmosphere in front of the red carpet. ©Nice Matin

IFF 2016, Money Monster  Photocall, ©Nice Matin

Cannes Film Festival, GIMME DANGER Photocall, ©Nice Matin

French director Michel Hazanavicius at press conference
for 'Le Redoutable' during Cannes Film Festival
Mai 21, 2017 - ©Photopqr/Nice Matin/Frantz Bouton/maxppp

Cannes Festival 2016, ©Nice Matin

Cannes 2016, Photocall for 'The BFG', ©Nice Matin

Cannes Film Festival Photocall PESHMERGA, ©Nice Matin

Cannes 2016, La Croisette and the Beaches, ©Nice ma

Minute of silence to pay tribute to the victims of
the Manchester terror attack, during the Festival photocall
Mai 23, 2017 - ©Photopqr/Nice Matin/S. Botella/maxppp

Cannes International Film Festival
'The Meyerowitz Stories' - Casting members pose
during the photocall - Cannes, May 21, 2017
©Photopqr/Nice Matin/Patrice Lapoirie/maxppp

Meal for the Jury, Cannes Film Festival - ©Nice Matin

Pamela Anderson Press Conference, ©Nice Matin

Cannes Film Festival, "The Last Face" Photocall, ©Nice Matin