Soccer: OGC Nice vs Paris St Germain
Dive in the play and its atmosphere,
as if you were in the backstage, then on the playground
- Atmosphere in video 360° -
March 2018 - ©RLM/Maxppp

Millas, following the School Bus route
from School to Railway Crossing
- Atmosphere in Augmented Reality video 360° -
Feb 2018 - ©Yann Gegout/Lenscom/Maxppp

The Missings of Perpignan
4 young women reported missing: 3 murdered, 1 still not found
a bloody case finally comes to Assize Court
- Atmosphere in photo 360° -
Feb 2018 - ©Lenscom/Maxppp

The accident of Millas railway crossing, December 14th, 2017,
a collision between a school bus and a regional train
left 6 dead and 18 injured among the teenagers.
- Atmosphere in photo 360° -
Feb 2018 - ©Yann Gegout/Lenscom/Maxppp

55th International Agricultural Show in Paris
an opportunity for hundreds of thousands of expected visitors
to come and discover the specialities of French Regions
as well as thousands of animals which compose a gigantic farm.
- Atmosphere in video 360° -
Feb 2018 - ©Vincent Lesage/Maxppp