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MAXPPP : photo press agency was launched in 1991.

The agency covers international, national and regional news.

Facts and figures :


7000 new pictures available daily.


Over 51 millions images in the database.


About thirty partner agencies in France and worldwide.


A hundreds photographers network.


More than 400 magazines, newspapers, TV, publishing, corporate and advertising clients.

Quality and diversity :

MAXPPP relies on the production of its own photographers and that of its partners in France and abroad, amongst:


The international agency EPA, for a worldwide coverage.


European national agencies (DPA in Germany, BELGA in Belgium, …)


Renowned international agencies (Kyodo Japan, EFE in Spain and throughout Spanish-speaking America, Press Association in UK, etc.)


Radio France group, which continuously produces photos and videos dealing with the French news for its channels France Inter, France Culture, France Info, France Music, Fip and Le Mouv 'and its 44 local channels France Bleu spread over the whole French national territory


PhotoPQR, the photo production of the biggest titles of the French Regional Daily Press, with an exclusive network covering all events.


Are you …


 a picture editor in a magazine?


 a book publisher?


 a TV documentalist?


 a free-lance picture researcher ?


 an art buyer ?


 are launching a newpaper, a smartphone application, a website, a book, an ad campaign, or etc?

Whether you are working on deadlines, or not…
Whether you are a generalist, or a specialist...
With Maxppp, you access specific images to enhance all your themes!



Economy & social

People & celebrities

Sciences & technology

Art & entertainment

Real life


Local news stories





You can contact us 24/7/365.


Our organisation and our skills in workflows allow for minimum delay between the event and the availability of the images.

Our journalists and desk editors provide image selections and information on current and up and coming events.

The internet site contains millions of images from our various collections and allows you freedom of choice and total autonomy.


Our research team will execute special searches upon request.

With our regional, national and worldwide networks, we can assume any type of assignment.

logo PicRights


At the heart of Maxppp's business, the promotion and protection of the rights of its photographers and its partners.
We have mandated PicRights for the management of cases of infringement of our images.